Mirror Energy Inc


World Class Education system empowers students to take advantage of numerous opportunities to pursue their dreams. Educators need to change their fundamental beliefs that education is something done to students rather than something students engage in. Student have choices, personalization, authentic learning, global perspective, and global competence.

Students are empowered to tackle 21st century issues rather than achievement standardized test scores and engaging students in authentic learning experiences. Using the Internet to engage students to in their own learning rather than sitting passively in classrooms, waiting for the content to be delivered to them.

Student, engineers, and scientists can use the Periodic Table of Matter and Antimatter Elements to design spacecraft for traveling in our solar system and star chips for traveling to the stars and Earth like planets in Milky Way Galaxy.

Understanding existing technology. From watching some of the 740 Star Trek episodes and 13 movies, you have good understanding. Mirror Energy technology converts matter and mirror matter directly into electricity and propulsion according to Einstein’s equation: E = mc² (mass times the speed of light squared). Comets are made from mirror matter, which scientists call antimatter. Antimatter elements are included the Periodic Table of Matter & Antimatter Elements.

With an updated Periodic Table of Elements, you are more knowledge than most experts. There are 94 matter elements, 94 antimatter elements plus 48 synthesized elements. Antimatter element’s physical, chemical and nuclear characteristics are identified to the same level of detail as matter. Each of the 236 element’s energy is defined in ergs not electron volts. (An erg equals 642 billion electron volts)

Exploring our Solar System: Using Mirror Energy Technology, spacecraft take millions of people to space stations and “Love Boats in the Sky” in minutes, Moon in hours, and Mars in days.

Space Stations conduct research andtechnology

“Love Boats in the Sky” are rotating amusement parks orbiting Earth that were developed Weber von Braun

Moon becomes the home for thousands of people live and work with all the comforts of home in underground communities on the Moon to protect them from solar radiation. There will be large amusement parks for recreational, sports and culture events.

Mars becomes home for researchers and tourists. Thunderbolts Project. Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars video shows the massive damage when Mars passed through the tails of comets.

Starships will take explorers to some of the billion of stars and trillion of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Exploring the Milky Way Galaxy becomes reality using Mirror Energy and Star Trek technologies. Mirror Energy generates electricity to operate the starship and propulsion for the warp drives.

Starships which are traveling in space bubbles at warp speeds, are subject to enormous forces on starship’s structure.

Force Fields protect starships inside a space bubble from the harsh space environment. Special shields protect the starship from weapons fired on them.

Mirror Propulsion (warp drives) move the starship through space faster than the speed of light,

Advanced Computers operate the starship’s control systems, communication systems, replicators, weapon systems, transporters and holodecks.

Since humanity will be meeting advanced civilizations, the Star Trek Prime Directive should be used to prohibit interference with other cultures and civilizations representatives in our exploration of space.

On Earth, over 10 billion people will live in peace and harmony with nature. Energy Economy brings every country into the 21st century and increases the World’s work force from 3.4 to 6.7 billion people. Wars and military conflicts over energy, natural resources, and culture values along with pestilence and famine will become footnotes in the history book.